New Normal

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Beyond covid-19 lies a new normal—and new opportunities

That’s right!

Senior executives are currently engaged in a guessing game: what will business look like when we emerge from lockdown and the world gets back on its axis? It is difficult to speculate, but it is necessary, and so many unknown and intangible factors remain. One possible way forward is to look to other historic crises and disruptive events to help us make plans and attempt to deal with the new situation successfully.

Some things we know for (practically) certain: more workers in Asia Pacific (APAC) are going to be staying in one place than before. Social distancing is likely to remain in place for some time, while “workplace distancing” through working from home will become an accepted practice, not a temporary emergency trend. Remote working will need to be powered and supported by sufficient infrastructure. Business travel will reduce, as countries continue to protect their citizens by closing borders and imposing entry limits. The impact on supply chains alone will be colossal and require new ways of thinking.


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